Partnering with the leaders in the three-dimensional printing industry, we are proud to work with the latest printers in the world. Stratasys, holding over 600 granted or pending patents, truly sets themselves apart from other printer manufacturers. Precision and accuracy are our top priorities, and the Stratasys printer accomplishes this with layers printed at an astonishing 28 microns, truly redefining the meaning of high-resolution printing.

ThreeD SMILES uses the most advanced 3D printing and scanning technology.

All the materials that ThreeD Smiles uses are medically approved to ensure your patient's safety. Dentists and orthodontists were using these plastics long before the 3D printing technology was present. These plastics went through many tests to ensure their safe use. Now with the 3D printing technology, we are able to combine the technology and further the dental industry.

ThreeD SMILES ensures the use of the highest quality materials.

Currently accepting submissions from our approved scanners.

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