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Essix Pontic

• Great option for


• High quality vacuum

processed resin

• Wear resistant

Clique Retainer Replacement Program

• 3D printed models

pre-banding and post


• Digitally stored orthodontic


• Brackets can be digitally


• 4 retainers at deband

• Option for additional 4 retainers

over 3 year time period

• Option for indirect bonding trays

Sports Guards

• Extreme accuracy and

custom fit

• Impact resistant

Crown & Bridge Design

• Reduces need for lab


• Quick turnaround

• Significant cost savings by

milling in house

• Perfect for Anterior teeth,

Bridges & more difficult or

time sensitive cases

Twilite Sleep
Apnea Device

• Custom Fit

• FDA Approved

• Comfortable and Effective

• Improve patient’s quality

of life

• Avoid uncomfortable CPAP


Night Guards

• High accuracy and great fit

• Used for bruxers and grinders

• Accepts acrylics and

bonding agents

• Can be used for splints or

bite planes

• H/S has soft inner layer for


Surgical Guide

• Includes Live Consult

• Stecco Titanium Sleeves

• Implant Specific

Whitening Trays

• Great comfortable option

for whitening trays

• Clings to the surface of the

teeth to insure no leaks

• No reservoir needed

Aligners (Coming Soon)

Indirect Bonding Trays (Coming Soon)

Milled Crown and Bridge (Coming Soon)

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